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VR Power 2 adds 8 To 10 hours of play time to Quest 2

VR accessory store, Rebuff Reality, is now selling the VR Power 2 battery pack and counter-balance for the Oculus Quest 2 – promising significant improvements for battery life.

The latest accessory promises eight to ten hours of additional battery life to Quest 2, whilst also supporting the original Quest headset too.

The Oculus Quest 2 is a fantastic virtual reality (VR) headset for gaming and socialising online, but sometimes the two-hour battery life just doesn’t cut it when playing extended sessions with friends. Priced well at just $69.99, it offers a more convenient solution to adding awkward brackets and battery packs.

You can purchase the accessory direct from Rebuff today: VR Power 2

Image: Rebuff Reality

The battery comes packed with 10,000mAh of power. By comparison, the battery inside the Quest 2 is a mere 3,640mAh. It is compatible with all the official straps for Quest 2, such as the Elite Strap, including the standard fabric one included with the $299 original purchase. It also fits well with Rebuff Reality’s own Head Strap solution. The unit sits at the back of the head, like other battery solutions, acting as a counter-balance too. It also features an accessory port that also makes it possible to charge another accessory from the unit, if desired.

Although Rebuff Reality say it is compatible with the Elite Battery Strap, you probably would want to choose either/or in this case. The additional weight of two battery packs seems unnecessary, and could be uncomfortable. The Elite Battery Strap only doubles the standard battery life though, whereas we are getting quadruple (and more) from the VR Power 2.

The original VR Power accessory sold out pretty quickly after release and a while to come back into stock – something to keep in mind if you’re looking to get your hands on one this time around for your Quest 2.

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