Best Rift S accessories

You can see the full range of accessories on Oculus’ official website or Amazon US | Amazon UK.

Rift S replacement controllers

Price: $69/£69 each Buy: Oculus store

rift s replacement controller

If you’ve gotten a little carried away playing some Beat Saber and broken one (or both!) of your controllers, the good news is you can get them replaced. Direct from the Oculus official store, each one will cost you $69/£69.

Rift S controller grips

Price: $22.99/£21.99 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

rift s controller grips

To help prevent any broken controllers, perhaps consider some controller grips. We like these from AMVR. They have adjustable silicone bands and the textured surface grip is very comfortable on the hand. The straps will prevent the controllers from being thrown out while playing games.  

Prescription VR lenses

Price: Varies

prescription vr lenses

VR prescription lenses are essential if you wear traditional eye glasses. Being able to use your headset without wearing them will enhance immersion and experience. You can get prescription VR lenses as low as $39/£39, check out our complete buying guide here.

Cable management pulley system

Price: $30.99/£30.99 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

vr cable management pulley system

This VR Cable Management System from KIWI adopts silicone, ABS and rubber materials and noise dampener technology to maximize silence and minimize cable tug during use. This helps to make it easier to get fully immersed without background noise and risk of tripping over cables.

Rift S stand

rift s stand

Price: $20.99/£21.99 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Everyone need a safe place to store their headsets when not in use. Consider this one from AFAITH VR. This VR stand has a detachable design and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Padded floor mat

Price: $37/£29 (24 Sq. Metres) Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

padded floor mat

The Rift S allows for a full room-scale VR experience. You can make things more comfortable for your feet with some foam interlocking floor tiles. These are definitely recommended if you currently play on a tiled or hardwood floor. It’s also a great secondary warning (like another Guardian) that lets you know where your play space ends. The set comes with six tiles that together can cover 24 square feet, though larger sizes are available.