Best Valve Index accessories

USB Radiator Fan

Price: $38.99/£32.99 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

valve index usb fan attachment

This KIWI USB radiator fan is specially designed for the Valve Index. It can minimize the heat generated by the headset, and keep the headset and player cooler. It will also help extend the service life of the Valve Index headset. The Radiator is easy to install and remove, you only need to insert the USB connector into the VR interface, then insert the radiator on the VR, and finally click the switch on the radiator to use.

Head Strap Cover 

Price: $27.99/£19.99 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

valve index strap cover

This soft PU cover for the Valve Index is removeable for easy cleaning, keeping your Valve Index in perfect condition. Sweat from gaming can be easily cleaned and not get soaked into the original straps.

Facial Interface

Price: $38.99/£25.99 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

valve index facial interface

An more comfortable upgrade on the included interface, this has breathable holes on the PU surface to relieve temperature, and provides a more comfortable experience. The face cover is made of high-quality PU Leather and wider memory foam, which is soft and easy to clean. VR gaming can now be more hygienic and can be shared with family or friends.

Display stand

Price: $24.99/£24.99 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

valve index display stand

This stand is 100g heavier compared to some other models. The Index is a heavier VR headset than most so will be more stable when on this stand.

Valve Index base station stand

Price: $45.99/£36.99 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

valve index base station stand

Set up your Valve Index base station onto these stands. These will allow you to position them anywhere in the room, safely. They are height adjustable and will save you fixing the base stations into a wall or ceiling with a screw fixed bracket.

Clamp Mount

Price: $9.99/£14.99 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

vr clamp mount

This clamp mount is an alternative to the tripod. With this clamp, you are able to position your base stations on any surface the clamp can attach to, such as a door.