How to connect PSVR to a PS5 or PS4 console

If you’ve recently purchased a new PSVR headset and are stuck trying to figure out how to connect it to your PS5 or PS4 console, follow our simple guide.

The PSVR was first launched by Sony back in 2016 on the PlayStation 4 console. It is still available to buy for its latest offering, the PlayStation 5, as it is backwards compatible, allowing the PSVR headset to all of its PS4 titles.

Inside your PSVR box is the PSVR headset, processor unit, PlayStation camera, HDMI cord, power supply cord and a micro USB cord. You will need all of these in order to connect your PSVR to your PlayStation console.

Connecting the PSVR system to your console

Regardless which system you use, the process of connecting PSVR to your PS4 or PS5 console is mostly the same. The instructions below will guide you for both.

Following our guide will assume that you have already done the initial set up of your PlayStation console and have connected it to your TV set. You should fully power down your PlayStation console before your start any of these steps.

Setting up the processor unit

We will begin with the PSVR processor unit. Position the processor unit close to your PlayStation console for better cable management.

Take your PSVR headset and using the attached cord (it will split into two plugs at the exposed end), plug both into the front of the processor unit.

Locate your existing HDMI cord that runs from your console to your TV. Unplug the end that is currently connected to your console and plug it into the HDMI port on the back of the processor unit (it reads ‘HDMI TV’). Your HDMI cord should now run from your TV to the HDMI port marked ‘TV’ on the PSVR processor unit – and no HDMI cord plugged into your console.

Grab the new HDMI cord which was included inside the PSVR box and connect it to the second HDMI port on the processor unit that reads ‘HMDI PS4’. Even if you’re using the new PS5, it will still say ‘PS4’. Now plug the other end of the cord into the HDMI port on the back of your console.

With the included micro USB cable, plug the micro plug into the processor unit and the standard USB plug into any one of the console’s USB ports. Some users report that connecting the cord to the USB port on the front results in fewer errors. It shouldn’t, but if you do experience any issues you can try this fix first.

Now plug in the power adapter into a power point and the other end into the processor unit.

Connecting the camera

To set up the PlayStation Camera, position it so that it is sitting in the center of your TV. You can either sit it directly below it or balance it on the top of the TV if it will allow. You may be able to maximise your play area by repositioning the camera once it is set up.

If you’re using a PS5, you will need an adapter (see next step) for the plug. Once you have the adapter plugged in, connect it into any of the USB ports on the back on the PS5.

If you’re using a PS4, you should plug the camera’s cord into the matching port on the back of your console.

PS5 Camera Adapters

For PS5 owners only, you will need a PlayStation Camera Adapter. This is because the PS5 doesn’t have the specific camera port found on the older PS4 consoles, so an adapter will convert the PlayStation Camera plug into a normal USB plug. If you purchased one recently (end of 2020 onwards), Sony have started to include the adapter with most of the newer PSVR bundles. So check to see if it included a PlayStation Camera Adapter before you end up purchasing another.

You can find your processor unit serial number here.

If you already owned a PSVR prior to purchasing your PS5, or purchased a bundle which did not include an adapter, you can apply to get a free adapter from Sony online. You’ll need to locate the serial number on the back of your PSVR processor unit. It’s limited to one adapter per unit, so if you are purchasing a second hand unit, bear in mind that a used processor units’ serial number may have already been used to claim the free adapter.

You can apply for the adapter here on Sony’s official website.

Once you have an adapter, just plug the camera plug into it and connect it to one of the PS5’s USB ports on the back of the console.

If you’ve completed all of the steps above, just power your console back on and you should be set up for PSVR. To get started, just press the power button on the headset and put it on. You should see the loading screen in your headset so just follow the official guidance shown on the headset.

Some users have reported an issue with their TV resolution, impacted by connecting their PSVR. If using a 4K TV for example, when connecting the PSVR you can only display at 1080p. This means that there may be an issue whereby you need to reset the HDMI connections every time you aren’t using the PSVR and return to regular television viewing.