Best HTC Vive accessories

HTC Vive Repairs

HTC has partnered with iFixit to make it easier for its customers to get their VR headsets and accessories repaired. They will offer genuine parts for the following models; HTC Vive Cosmos Elite, Vive Pro, Vive Pro Eye, Vive Tracker, as well as providing other accessories. 

HTC want customers to be able to repair their devices when required. With this new partnership, customer can source the parts’ from iFixit and extend the life of their devices that are out of warranty. Especially for some components which are needed but are no longer available from HTC themselves. HTC headsets come at a premium price, meaning their virtual reality headsets, even the entry-level Vive Cosmos Play, are not cheap and are typically more expensive than Facebook’s Oculus headsets. The option to repair and maintain them where possible, is very much welcome.

In addition to selling the parts, iFixit will also supply a step-by-step manual, so you can follow exactly how to go about repairing your own devices.

HTC Vive accessories

You can purchase all these accessories on Amazon, or direct from HTC’s official website |US: |UK:

HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

Price: $129/£129 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

htc vive deluxe audio strap

For a even more immersive experience, consider the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap as your first purchase. An official HTC product, providing an all-in-one head strap and audio solution. This accessory not only improves the audio experience of the HTC Vive, but the comfort too.

One of the biggest frustrations consumers had with the standard Vive is that you need to use your own earphones or headset. These come with a quality pair of speakers built in, so you wont need to mess around with anymore cables than necessary.

If your not a fan of the Velcro fabric straps included in the box, and wanted to upgrade those anyway, the HTC Deluxe Audio Strap offers a hard-sided head mount, improved cable management, and headphones. It also features an adjustment dial for height/angle adjustment.

HTC Vive official wireless adapter

Price: $349/£349 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Vive US | Vive UK

htc vive official wireless adaptor

The HTC requires you be tethered to a powerful gaming machine while you play. This can really ruin the experience when you get tied up in the cables as you play, especially when immersed inside the more active games. This adaptor allows you to ditch those restrictive cables in favour of wireless transmitters and receivers, so now you can make that experience a wireless one.

Using Intel’s WiGig technology, this official wireless adapter swaps your link box for a wireless receiver/transmitter which sits on top of your headset while you play. You no longer need to worry about plugging anything into your graphics card or even connecting your Vive to your gaming machine via a cable. This wireless add-on uses the PCI-e adapter installed in your machine. This will mean that it won’t work with laptops.

TPCAST Wireless VR adapter

Price: $229/£229 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

tpcast wireless vr adaptor

This is the TPCAST wireless adapter, which is a third party alternative to the official wireless adaptor. This one incorporates a hot-swappable battery 20,100mAh battery pack that’s capable of as much as five hours gaming before it needs recharging. The battery itself however, will take up to 10 hours to recharge to maximum capacity.

Vive Tracker

Price: $99/£109 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Vive US | Vive UK

vive tracker

The HTC Vive appears to get more modular all the time, with additional elements that you can add on to your existing system to unlock new features and enhance the experience. In current PC VR hardware, you’re usually limited to a pair of wireless controllers and a headset as your only way of interacting with objects in the virtual world. The Vive Tracker can attach to anything you like, and it will make that object, limb or item trackable inside the virtual world as you move it around. So your hand could become a gun, or your arm a sword. You could also attach them to a table tennis paddle, so when your playing games like Eleven Table Tennis, you’ll feel like you’re really playing.

AMVR Stand

Price: $26.99/£22.99 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK

htc vive stand

Everyone needs a stand to keep their VR headset safe. At less than 27 bucks, this one is great value. While specially designed for HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro headsets, it can also be used for others such as the PSVR or Oculus Quest/Rift/Go .

AMVR Dual Multifunction Contact Charging Station/Stand

Price: $49 Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK (only available in US – $10 shipping fee to UK)

htc vive stand

We loved the look of this one too. This is a dual function stand which allows you to charge the headset as the same time. It costs $20 more, but we think its well worth it, as it not only allows charging, but also has a more premium look too. The perfect display stand.