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52% of game developers interested in working on VR, GDC survey suggests

A report from the Game Developers Conference (GDC) has revealed that for the first time, the majority of game developers (52%) are focusing on producing content for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 platforms.

GDC publishes its report annually and this years ‘State of the Game Industry Report’, which is sourced from over 3,000 developers, suggested that the primary focus has shifted to the Oculus Quest.

GDC report

The report has revealed some interesting statistics in relation to VR, and suggests that Facebook’s Oculus Quest has become the primary source of interest within the industry right now. Over half of the developers who were surveyed, 52%, responded by saying that the Quest was the VR platform which interested them the most. The Quest was followed by the PSVR and Valve Index, which appears to have much less interest at 28% each.

This data appears to show us that developers agree with Mark Zuckerberg, who recently said that consumers preferred a wireless VR experience and with developers focusing on the Quest, it appears the industry is in agreement. The Quest 2 has proved the viability of standalone VR headsets for the consumer market, encouraging more developers to look into the platform, some for the first time. Standalone VR, which doesn’t rely on any additional, external hardware, represents something of a turning point for the industry as a whole.

11% of all developers asked in the survey said that their next project would be in VR, taking into account the 3,000 or so surveyed, this comes it at around 330 studios.

Looking at developers that have actually released VR content already, 45% said that their last release was on the Oculus Rift, 39% said HTC Vive and 28% said Quest. However looking forward, they appear to be changing their approach.

GDC report

While 41% of developers said they currently weren’t working on any content for VR or AR headsets, 27% said they were for the Quest. This compares to 17% for Rift and Vive and 8% for PSVR. The announcement of the PSVR 2 has impacted development for the first generation, with studios unwilling to invest with the new hardware due next year.

GDC report

When developers were asked where they anticipate their next VR or AR title releasing – 31% said Oculus Quest, 19% said Rift, 18% said Vive and 12% said either Index or PSVR, a significant lean towards the Quest.

GDC report

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