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Quest 2 now the most used headset on Steam platform. Monthly connections hit record high of 2.8 million

A new record high count for VR connections on Steam was recorded in February – 200k more than the previous record just a month before. The Quest 2 leads the way in PCVR popularity, despite actually being one of the very few standalone headsets. It has been the driving force for much of the growth of Steam VR thanks to its ability to also connect to a PC to play PCVR games.

Monthly connected VR headsets on Steam

The Quest 2 is now the single most used headset on Steam, now accounting for almost a quarter (24.25%) of all headsets connected to the Steam network. A gain in January of +5.51% followed by a further gain of +1.34% in February. In becoming the most used headset on Steam for the first time, it overtakes Oculus own Rift S (20.96%, -0.62%). The Rift S is due to be discontinued this year step aside for the Quest 2. Oculus’ combined usership on Steam now stands at 58.05% across all its headsets as it begins to dominate the space.

Total users with a VR headset was up slightly, now at 2.3%.

We don’t know how many actual individual users this represents however, as the figures represent a percentage of Steam users, which will be changing constantly.

Credit source: https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey

Things are getting hot for Oculus.



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